Welcome to Oxylus Ecogreen

100% Bio Degradable Products

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Welcome to Oxylus Ecogreen

Made from Sugarcane waste. Environment friendly. No trees were harmed.

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Welcome to Oxylus Ecogreen

No Plastic coating & Wax coating

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Welcome to Oxylus Ecogreen

Let's take a step towards a Greenier Earth

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About Us

Oxylus Ecogreen

Welcome to OXYLUS ECO GREEN, where we specialize in providing high-quality sugarcane bagasse products. We are dedicated to sustainability and environmental responsibility, and our products are a testament to that commitment.

OXYLUS ECO GREEN take pride in being a socially responsible company. By offering sugarcane bagasse products, we aim to raise awareness about sustainable alternatives and encourage others to make eco-conscious choices. We believe that small changes can make a big difference, and our products are a testament to that belief.

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What We Offer

Our Products Range

Our Eco- Friendly products are built for every need. Its design and quality make a big difference in environment. Products remain as it is for a long time.


Why Choose Sugarcane Bagasse Products ?

Our Products are made completely from sugarcane bagasse pulp without any plastic or wax coating. It certified biodegradable and compostable and has a strong structural integrity to be able to hold shape when being used with solid and liquid food.

Oil Resistant

Water Resistant

Freezer Free

Microwave Safe

No Plastic

Environment Friendly

Quality Product

Hygenic & Healthy

Biodegradable & Compostable

100% Strength & Durable

100% Sugarcane Bagasse


Build your brand with us

We continuously invest in research and development to expand our product range and offer innovative solutions to meet diverse customer needs. Whether it's packaging materials, disposable tableware, or other applications, our portfolio is designed to provide functional and cutting-edge solutions.